Why True Impact.

We are impact focused. Speak to us about solutions for your enterprise and supplier development spend. We’re not compliance focused. We create real impact for true transformation.

Real people run real businesses

Delivering on the spirit of the B-BBEE Code

Our key differentiators:

No cost to fund SMEs

Unlike other ESD providers, True Impact charges no management fees meaning that 100% of a corporates funding contribution goes directly to SMEs.

High SME impact focus with high compliance results

True Impact is black owned & black managed, enabling ESD points to be immediately gained without complex costly structures.

TI’s Unique Multiplier

For Every Rand contributed, True Impact ensures that it has a 20-times value impact over 5 years. E.g. For a R10 million contribution, we ensure that there will be a R40 million value impact in your own supply chain in Year 1 and a R200 million impact over a 5-year period.

Four times more efficient disbursement of ESD contributions to SMEs

Typically, a corporate’s ESD contribution can be fully disbursed within the first six months.

High risk assessment capability, high risk mitigation capability

Through its partnerships, True Impact ensures capital protection while ensuring easy access to funding for SMEs – without the red tape.

“When we stop being consumers of this world, and start becoming contributors, we start to change the world.”
Andrew Maren